The Sea Glass Inn Collection - EBOOKS 1-5

The Sea Glass Inn Collection - EBOOKS 1-5

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Save 30% and binge read this series of 5 beloved beach reads.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I love the Sea Glass series, and this one did not disappoint. What a gem! Thank you, Julie, for sharing more stories from the Sea Glass Inn with your fans." -Reviewer

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Will falling in love give them a second chance? Or tear them apart?

Liddy's new position as a concierge at a seaside inn offers her something she desperately needs: the chance to start over. Soon she meets Beau, a captivating widower longing for his own fresh start.

But one day, Liddy discovers another setback brewing in her life, one that may derail a second chance at love with Beau—or anyone else, for that matter.

Will Liddy have the courage to trust a man again? Can Beau commit to a woman facing a surprising challenge? And what is going on behind the scenes at Sea Glass Inn, where late night deliveries and secret meetings are spoken about in whispers?

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “So entertaining yet … so deep and touches the depths of your soul! Bravo!” - B. Pattison


"You meant the world to him, cara mia ..."

Meg finds herself at a crossroads when ex-flame, Jackson Riley, becomes her boss. She had made a promise to Jackson's late father to stay working for the chain of inns, but how can she now?

After years away, Jackson has something to prove ... to his family and to Meg. But after mounting conflicts with one of Jackson's family members bubble over, Meg must decide if her promise is worth keeping.

Will a spontaneous trip to the ancient city of Florence, Italy have the power to reignite lost love? 

Or push Jackson and Meg even farther apart?


A beauty, a beast, and a prince in the making ...

Sophia is at a crossroads. Her fashion design label has faltered and her sister’s betrayal continues to haunt her. When she moves into Sea Glass Inn, she does so with questions—and plenty of baggage.

Enter handsome Wade, the inn’s longtime business consultant. Wade strolls into her life wearing designer suits and looking like a young Antonio Banderas. When he offers to help Sophia jump-start her business, he may just be the prince she needs.

Unless writer-in-residence CJ Capra gets in the way, that is. The enigmatic friend of her brother has come to the inn to crush writer’s block after experiencing a setback of his own doing. 

When Sophia is faced with a new crisis, the fissure in her confidence deepens. Will the wind bring new love or sweep away all hope of a fairy tale ending?


She's adrift. He's a workaholic. Can Sea Glass Inn help them find their way to each other?

Priscilla won't let betrayal break her spirit. After a chance friendship brings her to Sea Glass Inn for work in their new spa, she pursues the art of joie de vivre in the foggy coastal town.

Still, something is missing.

When Wade meets Priscilla at his ex-girlfriend's wedding, he's unimpressed. And distracted. The only thing the successful businessman pursues these days is his latest deal—and the secret charity he helps run.

When Priscilla stumbles upon Wade's mysterious mission, she insists on becoming involved. But Wade has a billion reasons for not wanting another woman in his life ... platonic as that relationship may be.

As they each search for purpose—and perhaps a second chance at love—will the stars uncover the truth that has been there all along? Beneath a Billion Stars is an inspirational, opposites attract romance.

*Bonus epilogue now included!


Trace Murphy, longtime concierge at the Sea Glass Inn, has put everyone around her on the naughty list!

The inn is full for the holidays, but no one seems to care that crimes are being committed right under all their noses. Well, no one except for the Ryan Gosling-lookalike in the Florence Suite ...

She’d never let it bother her that the inn staff seemed to, well, take her for granted. But with a looming milestone birthday, and a general sense of unease, Trace is in need of a miracle.

Will secrets and mystery ruin Trace's holiday? Or will she find joy—and new love this Christmas—at the Sea Glass Inn? 

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