Finding Stardust (Hollywood by the Sea Series

Finding Stardust (Hollywood by the Sea Series #2) AUDIOBOOK

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This is the audiobook version of Finding Stardust narrated by a digital voice.

I was beginning to think there were no more heroes left in this world ...

Then I met Brax and thought, now here's a beautiful, strong hero prototype: firm-set jaw patterned with golden brown scruff, ruggedly tousled hair, eyes like deep blue pools. Sigh. He had it going on all right.

But, oh, so gruff. Irascible. And mysterious, too.

Did I mention that I'm a romance novelist with writer's block (and a family secret I'm trying to forget)? And that if I don't find a hero soon, my career will implode?

Too bad Brax wasn't a fan of my questioning, nor very happy when that freak accident happened at my sister's wedding near Hollywood by the Sea.

With Brax injured, and my sister away on her honeymoon, he and I were forced to spend a month as neighbors. And that's when our pasts came bubbling to the surface until we could no longer ignore them.

So much simmered beneath Brax's surface that I had to wonder still: 
Could he be the hero of the story I had been looking for?

Finding Stardust
is a clean, feel-good contemporary romance.

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Finding Stardust (book 2)


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