The Ultimate EBOOK Bundle!
The Ultimate EBOOK Bundle!
The Ultimate EBOOK Bundle!
The Ultimate EBOOK Bundle!

The Ultimate EBOOK Bundle!

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TEN Bestselling Inspirational Beach Romances for ONE low price!

START the Sea Glass Inn series with book 1: Walking on Sea Glass. 

THEN go into the Hollywood by the Sea series, starting with book 1: Chasing Valentino. 

FINALLY, enjoy the Otter Bay series, starting with book 1: Sweet Waters. 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “Julie Carobini's books never disappoint!" Carol C. 


Sea Glass Inn series
☑ Walking on Sea Glass 
 Runaway Tide
☑ Windswept
☑ Beneath a Billion Stars (with a bonus epilogue!)
☑ A Sea Glass Christmas
☑ FREE - Dreaming of You - A Novella

Hollywood by the Sea series
☑ Chasing Valentino
☑ Finding Stardust

Otter Bay series
☑ Sweet Waters
☑ A Shore Thing
☑ Fade to Blue

THREE COMPLETE series + 1 Bonus Novella!

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Walking on Sea Glass

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “So entertaining yet … so deep and touches the depths of your soul! Bravo!” - B. Pattison

Will falling in love give them a second chance? Or tear them apart?

Liddy's new position as a concierge at a seaside inn offers her something she desperately needs: the chance to start over. Soon she meets Beau, a captivating widower longing for his own fresh start.

But one day, Liddy discovers another setback brewing in her life, one that may derail a second chance at love with Beau—or anyone else, for that matter.

Will Liddy have the courage to trust a man again? Can Beau commit to a woman facing a surprising challenge? And what is going on behind the scenes at Sea Glass Inn, where late night deliveries and secret meetings are spoken about in whispers?

Walking on Sea Glass
Chapter 1

Even as a child, Liddy believed the sea could heal.

She remembered being seven years old, crammed into a van with cousins and a couple of stray friends. Her mother drove, while her aunt Clarice played navigator, her round nose inches from a map. Her aunt looked up occasionally, her face a knot of concern, until the lines around her eyes brightened like a light going on and she jabbed a finger toward one of the green highway signs looming over them.

“There. Merge into that lane. Don’t miss it!”

Before that, the ride seemed to go on forever and ever, the humid air of children—the pungent aroma of boys—blanketing them all. They lived about an hour inland, but the way her mother drove intently and her aunt fussed and the air hung so heavily, you would think they were days away.

And right about the time it all became too much, it happened.

The starkness of Interstate 10 through Los Angeles, its concrete walls dingy gray, its curves hard and etched from time’s abuse, belied what lay like a pot at the end of the proverbial rainbow. That curve in the road … the black tunnel in the distance. As they barreled toward that dark and seemingly endless tunnel, a mix of wonder and surprise caught her breath. They would make their entrance, the tunnel’s windowless walls shutting out the famous Southern California sunshine, rocket around a bend, then—and this is the part she remembered so well—the darkness would open up to the vast and deep blue sea.

Funny how a stray memory like that could show up unannounced, like a sudden thunderstorm, without a hint of where or why it had come.


Liddy stared straight ahead, unmoving. She wanted to respond, but somehow couldn’t.

“Liddy?” Her friend Meg called out again. “Are you okay?”

Liddy blinked hard and took in a gulp of dry heat. She slid a glance at Meg who sat in the shade beside her, fanning herself with a copy of Forbes magazine. “Sorry. I don’t know what came over me.” Liddy’s cheeks grew warmer than ever. “Guess I got lost in thought.”

Meg eyed her suspiciously. “Well, sure. It is stifling out here—even in this shade. No idea how you can stand living in the desert.”

“Were you saying something?”

Meg’s expression calmed some. “I was saying that it must be tough working and going to school again.”

Liddy shrugged, glad her moment of confusion had dissipated. It was late September, and a storm had blown through long enough to lower the temperature to a comfortable eighty-five degrees. “It’s not easy, but there’s so much more I want to learn, so much I didn’t appreciate when I was younger.”

“It has to be strange being back on a college campus again, though, with all those babies around.”

Liddy laughed. Those so-called babies were only a handful of years younger than her. “Well, yes, to a lot of them, twenty-five is ancient, but every once in a while when I’m eating lunch in the ‘caf,’ a group of girls will sit down with me, like I’m one of them. Total opposite of high school—thankfully.”

Meg flipped the pages of her magazine. “And how’s Shawn handling having you around campus so much? Do you have to call him Mr. Buckle—or worse, Professor B?

“Please. He’s fine with it. Although …”


“Nothing. I’m just seeing Shawn’s life from a different angle now.”

Meg did that thing with her mouth, letting her tiny pucker pop open, then quickly shutting her lips together—as if suddenly thinking better of what she had intended to say.

“One student calls his cell all the time with incessant questions. She’s in his geography class and apparently still thinks the world is flat.”

Meg looked at Liddy full force now, her fingers bookmarking a page on women in marketing. “Isn’t that kind of inappropriate? Calling Shawn like that?”

“What are you suggesting?”

Meg’s voice turned pointed. “I’m just saying that a coed should not be regularly calling a married man.”

Liddy leaned back, tilting her chin up toward the clearing sky. “I met her, actually. That’s what I meant by seeing my husband from another angle. I stopped into the library’s tutoring area, and they were at a table together going over some flashcards. Shawn introduced me.”


“What do you mean ‘good’?”

Meg paused. “I just meant that, otherwise, she might have mistaken his attention for something … else.”

“Oh brother.”

“So what did he do? Say ‘Here’s my gorgeous wife, Liddy,’ then give you a kiss?”

Liddy paused. “Actually, he just said, ‘Kyra, this is Liddy. Liddy … Kyra.’” She winced a little at the memory. “I remember thinking that I should mention that I’m the wife, but then thought better of it. Of course, she knew who I was.”


Liddy turned, scrutinizing her friend’s face. Meg rarely held back. “What?”

“That must have bothered you.”

Liddy waved her off. “It didn’t. It’s no big deal, really.”

Meg pursed her lips again, then let them pop open with a fat sigh. She let the magazine slide from her lap and onto the paint-chipped deck. “If it didn’t bother you, then you wouldn’t have mentioned it.”

Liddy frowned. She shook her head slowly before moving her gaze back to the sky. “Well, then, let’s forget I ever did.”

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