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Viva la spiaggia

reimersWe’ve been spoiled out on the coast this year. True, we’ve had little rain – not so good – but the sun has been out and the breezes warm. What’s not to love about that?

Regardless, my daughter still plans to move to Italy next week to finish her last year of college. I keep reminding her that if she stays home near mama, the beach life will be hers all year long. But what do I get for my efforts??

Ciao!  Buongiorno!  Arrivederci!


Maybe I’m a little jealous. She’s already lived in two major US cities, in England, and soon, she’ll be in Italy, where “the soul exists partly in eternity and partly in time” (Ficino).

I may have ridden the tube through London, and strolled the Champs-de-Elysees in Paris, but I’ve never sojourned in an Italian vineyard or prayed in the Vatican – nor eaten homemade pasta for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, for that matter. (They do that there, right?)

So maybe this upcoming trip of hers isn’t such a bad idea. Or better yet, maybe she needs a roommate (say, one who looks like her, um, older sister … if she had an older sister). And while she’s studying, someone will have to roam the nearby beaches, you know, to scope out the best ones … yes, maybe this is not a bad idea at all.  Viva la spiaggia!

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