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Love and War and Snow

theChristmasThiefSleeves! I’m so excited to tell all of you who do not live in CA that this morning I’m wearing sleeves! It’s been so hot, hot, hot in our state lately that I was beginning to wonder if fall would ever come. Not to mention winter! But the leaves are indeed turning and falling from my white birch, and though we still have days that spike upwards in the 70s, fall is (sorta) here. Yay … that means that maybe, maybe, MAYBE we’ll get some winter.

Can I get an Amen??!

Ah. Well. Despite the stubborn sunshine (I actually like that part), Christmas is on its way. I can feel myself thinking about the days leading up to the birthday of our beloved Christ child and how that calls me to slow down, to pray, to renew. Some may say that this has nothing to do with cooler weather, and hey, I’m no theologian, but let’s just say I’m thankful for the triggers that get my overactive brain to take it down a notch and focus on what’s important.

Or as Lorelai Gilmore says, “Everything’s magical when it snows….”  (Beach dwellers replace snow with “gets a little dusky with a cool foggy breeze blowing in”…. 🙂

p.s. The title is a nod to Gilmore Girls, for the uninformed. Ahem.

p.p.s. And The Christmas Thief (A Cottage Grove Mystery Novella) releases today exclusively on Amazon ~ woot!

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