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Poignant …

Kathryn Cushman, author of Finding Me and Fading Starlight

Will falling in love give them a second chance?

Or tear them apart?

*Inspired by a true story.

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Liddy’s new job as a concierge at a seaside inn, along with the inn’s quirky inhabitants, offer her something she desperately needs: the chance to start over. Soon she meets Beau, a captivating widower longing for his own fresh start.

But one day, Liddy discovers another setback brewing in her life, one that may derail a second chance at love with Beau – or anyone else, for that matter.

Will Liddy have the courage to trust a man again? Can Beau commit to a woman facing a surprising challenge? And what is going on behind the scenes at Sea Glass Inn, where late night deliveries and secret meetings are spoken about in whispers?

Walking on Sea Glass is a sweet romance filled with humor, heart, and the power of true love.

Available Everywhere