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Fast-paced with unexpected twists …

RT Book Reviews (4 Stars)

Will a spontaneous trip to the ancient city of Florence, Italy have the power to reignite lost love?


Usually unflappable Meghan finds herself at a crossroads when ex-flame, Jackson Riley, becomes her boss. She’d made a promise to Jackson’s father to stay working for the chain of inns, but can Meg keep her word?

After his father’s untimely death, brooding Jackson has something to prove to everyone around him–especially Meg. It doesn’t help that she is suspicious of his every move.

When an unsettling accident grounds Meg from travel, she reluctantly begins working full-time from her office at Sea Glass Inn. But when Jackson’s antagonistic sister and Meg’s tight-lipped mother stir up mounting tensions between Jackson and Meg, she flees–injury and all.

Will an unplanned trip to the ancient Italian city of Florence and beyond bring answers that reignite old passions? Or will the miles push Jackson and Meg farther apart?