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The Otter Bay Novel Collection: The Otter Bay Series of Inspirational Beach Romances (Boxed Set: Books 1-3)

Binge read all THREE of these inspirational romance novels under one cover! 

The Otter Bay Novels: Sweet Waters, A Shore Thing, and Fade to Blue

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Sweet Waters (Book 1)

Jilted Tara Sweet leaves Missouri to chase after the fairy tale life she and her sisters once knew in Otter Bay. Soon she meets handsome but complicated firefighter Josh Adams and a host of mysterious faces from long ago. But what happens when truth is one secret after another, lies unfold, and the fairy tale turns out to be a bad reality show?

Despite their budding romance by the sea, Tara and Josh soon find themselves at odds with their families, their faith, the quirky townspeople of Otter Bay ~ and each other. Can they face the truth together … and be set free?

A Shore Thing (Book 2)

Sassy and stubborn, Callie Duflay learns that beloved waterfront land in Otter Bay may soon be developed, and confronts the architect assigned to the project – much to the chagrin of her family.

Impossibly handsome architect Gage Mitchell may be an easygoing guy, but he is not about to back off the Otter Bay project – no matter how cute Callie or her pet “Moondoggy” may be.

When Callie receives threatening letters – and her pet pooch disappears – Gage and Callie find themselves on the wrong side of danger. Despite being opponents in the battle for Otter Bay, they would be perfect for each other. But will they ever figure that out?

Fade to Blue (Book 3)

Accomplished artist, Suz moves with her child across the country to California’s central coast, and lands a dream job restoring priceless art for the historic Hearst Castle overlooking the sea.

But even dreams have shocking twists. To her surprise, her old flame, Seth, works at the castle and jumbles the new aspirations in Suz’s heart. While sorting through their past and a palette of spiritual differences … an even bigger brush with yesterday awaits.

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