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Beach Reading Tips

chocobeachYears of summer reading inspired me to become a writer of beach fiction. Hopefully, you’ll find some peaceful time by the water this summer—be it an ocean, lake, or river. With that in mind, here are a few tips for the beach reader in you :

Be selective
Can’t decide which book to read? Don’t overload your bag with too many choices. Remember, the beach is for chillin’ – not stressing over decisions or sore muscles from a heavy bag. Seriously, do yourself a favor: pick a favorite genre and stick with that.

If you have an e-reader, make sure yours is readable in bright sunlight. My e-reader has a no-glare screen, but not all of them do, so check before bringing it along. And, of course, make sure to charge it up!

Share books
My mom and I swap books all the time, so I nearly swooned when I recently found a free library nestled in the garden of a beach cottage. I soon learned more about this growing community ( outreach that encourages participants to “take a book, return a book.” Or think about starting a book swap with your friends this summer.

Ear buds
Love the sounds of the waves and the sea breeze? Me too. But what if you find yourself lounging near a raucous party, or—and this happened to me recently—someone skimming the sand with a metal detector. Beep … beep … beep! Stay sane and bring a pair of headphones—just in case.

Vacation reading and finger foods go together like peanut butter and jelly. But keep it easy and messy-free by bringing munchies like cheese sticks, mini burritos (tortillas with your favorite stuffing, rolled up and cut in half), grapes, pretzels, and of course, lots of H20! (Personal fave: small cans of Perrier 🙂

Wishing you a summer full of beachy days … with book (or ebook) in hand!

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